10 Jan 2018

In the Music of the Urban Community, the Making, Expression and the Appreciation of Music has gotten to a point where Excellence must be an integral part of it and #ArtMostSphere2.0 was indeed a definition of that.

As an Industry watcher in Uyo for the past months, I am out with 6 major things #Keini who was the winner of the Open Mic for the Performing Musicians Category employed to earn him the crown.


The Philosopher of Old gave the following lines of thought “Man know thyself” which was on the pathway of Brain-driving humanity to the destination of Self-actualization which births Confidence. On being called for his performance, he presented himself to the audience as a Big Act that was the guest for the night. Though that didn’t work for him since to the Crowd, he was an alien but that gave him some moral support that he needed to carry on.


Like I said sometimes, in Music, the Ears is much MORE important than the EYE and that you must not only be seen but the siblings hanging side by side on the humans skull (EAR) must also recognized your presence and in achieving that, one must add much energy for the Art to move from the Sight Panel to the Hearing Chamber. Energy to performance could best be described by his performance at the event.


In this part of the world, the challenge must Artiste is not knowing the particular kind of Music Sustainable for a certain group of people. (I will be talking about understanding the people and what kind of music the will appreciate). #Keini was wise of enough to understand that the #POVERTY rate in the African setting is higher than it can be phantom, thus, he psychologically, was able to smuggle himself and his Art into the minds of the crowed that showed up at the show and that earned him a massive cheer.


Adding to the Consumer Choice, the Hip-pop beat of the song in which 98 percent of the audience were youths was best choice. Employing the Nigerian Rap Accent to really confer his massage made the crowd and the judges too to follow him Word to Word, Punch to Punch. The mistake must Rappers make is to Rap to the African Audience with the Accent the American Society will understand. All the Rappers in the Nigerian Music Industry that had a song or track that made headlines and was on the lips of every Nigerian considered his or her people and did the Rap the way the people can relate. Consult Falz, MI, Ice Prince Music that came to spotlight and confirm.


In Art, Creativity, Expression and Appreciation are the 3 major cycle that any work of art must go through in order to be called a worthy product or production. He was able to achieve that by employing the aforementioned points which he crowned him with the tearing of his shirt to connote the “POVERTY” he was lamenting against.


Finally, the crowd were left with no
option but to cheer him to victory when he was done defining the term “Music Performance” on the stage. Every gathering of Twos, Threes, etc were still in awe of his exhibition and the judges had no choice than to crown him the King of the Mic because he did justice to it.


Moses Umoh (Mus) is a Professional Musicologist who is passionate about the Business aspect of his profession. He also practice Music Journalism as he has some online articles where he carefully and professionally analyzed Music Events and Songs in general. He is also the Head of Eti Mbuk (E. I. M) Media and Music which they handle Music Promotions, Marketing and Hypes. #EIM


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